Inflatable and customizable Easy-Gloo.

ElleErre makes your exhibition spaces unique with Easy-Gloo.
Easy-Gloo inflatable tent are suitable for all indoor and outdoor events, thanks to lightweight professional structure, with four inflatable legs, providing exceptional stability. In addition to the number of possibilities of customization, to give your brand maximum visibility, thanks to high digital printing quality, without limits of graphics or colors.

Easy-Gloo is quick and easy to assemble: it inflates in a short time with the help of an electric pump.
Easy-Gloo inflatable tents are composed by strong hinges, indispensable for mounting the walls to the roof and all accessories can be removed without changing the structure. High fabric quality quality, waterproof and fireproof.

They are available as accessories: specific ballasts for all sizes, lights, steel pins and walls with doors and windows that can be packaged on customer’s request.